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Join Da Crowd Radio: (Episode 11) LOVE


 Motzy goes into full detail of each song on this playlist through it's origin, sample, producers, recording process, track listing and more. The audio version is courtesy of Spotify and the video version is courtesy of Youtube. As always go back and listen to the LOVE playlist so you can see why this episode was made. Enjoy!

The 'HATE' playlist back in March was a dope experience to put together when discovering that soo many songs used the word. I've always had it in the back of my mind to do a 'LOVE' playlist as well but the timing had to be right. So 10 playlists later and relocating from Tidal to Spotify, it's only right that the "Living Out Various Emotions" playlist gets streamed this go around. Alot of these songs were hit records so putting this playlists together came easy. Love is a powerful word, so I hope that these 30 songs tap into that emotion when you listen to this. Enjoy!!!