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ALBUM: Sinatra Royale - "Noir"

Take it away Mr Royale.... 
"As I grow as an artist, I wanted to do something different this go round. I present to you #Noir , a composition inspired by the monochrome aesthetic of High End Fashion, while set to the pulse pounding 808's of Trap HipHop. With an intention of giving you a soundtrack for winter, I wanted to break the monotony and paint with sound, giving this project a very unique texture. BLACK by definition IS the amalgamation of ALL colors, so i I sought out very robust and full beats, produced by Hudson Mohake, The Neptunes, Clams Casino & myself. This is what Premuim Trap music would sound like. I understand its not for everybody, and that is ok. However as always, I want to thank you for listening and indulging in this High End Luxury Audio expierence. Cheers and Toast to the Goodlife."